Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globes Fashions for the Curvy Gal

Amber Riley of Glee

Octavia Spencer in Todashi Shoji

Melissa McCarthy in green jersey empire Badgley Mischka gown

Mary J. Blidge

Sofia Vergara of Modern Family

So many gorgeous gowns that flattered bodies and hugged curves. I love all the choices seen on the about celebs. Don't you?

Who was your favorite?

Friday, January 13, 2012

I LOVE my Curves...but NOT the Belly Fat

Waging war on Belly Fat: Take ONE

Like many women, I used to be skinny. Then I became a "woman" when I hit age 25 and blossomed. I went from a size 4 in college initally to about a size 8 at graduation. Somewhere in between, and 6 years a size 14.

While I love being a curvy woman, I don't love the belly fat that I've acquired and neither does the rest of my body. I think that a curvy woman is attractive, seductive and feminine. I don't want to lose my curves either, I just want to lose some of this ridiculous belly roll that I've developed.

I am not a fan of diets, and I haven't ever been! I tried a couple things here and there but none of them stuck for even a week before I gave up. I tried Hydroxycut, Hoodia and then a fad diet too. I tried to eat "healthy" and excercised on and off again for months losing weight but gaining it all back after giving up on the programs.

8 days ago, I joined Weight Watchers online. I can tell you that I never wanted to try another diet again in my life but I actually feel differently towards this program. When I learned that I could still eat everything I wanted, but learn how to portion my food and monitor my intakes properly so that I could lose weight AND adapt a healthy lifestyle, I was interested in learning more. So I did. I went to a meeting and listening to people chatter about their losses, browsed through the foods and bought a couple things including the Points Plus Calculator, Dining Out Guide and the Food companion books. Later that day, I officially paid for a 3 month subcription to Weight Watchers Online.

I have to's been a piece of cake! Hahaha. I am not starving. I am realizing that I was eating 3 to 4 times the amount of food in portion that I was supposed to be eating every meal. I realized I can eat pizza an chocolate and more but I need to be considerate of my options.

Why worry about weight loss? I really want to start a family in the future and I want to be healthy for my family. I want to run again. I miss running and the high it gives me but with too many extra pounds, it hurts my knees to run and I give up easily.

One week down and I weighed in yesterday only to find that I had just lost a 1/2 lb. A measily little 1/2 a pound?? I was shocked, disturbed and angry. Here I was following all the rules and not getting results. I hadn't eaten out fast food all week (not that you can't), hadn't drank pop (not that you can't) and didn't lose any weight!

After mentioning my dissapointment with a few others, I realized it was ok! I had lost 1/2 a pound and that was something to be proud of! So, I stopped whining and went back on with my day.

Funny thing is, today I realized I was acting silly! I didn't sign up with the program to be "skinny", I signed up to feel good about myself and my choices. And you know what, I do. I realized that my stomached appeared smaller today, really! I am down one belt notch more than usual. I'm less bloated, less fatigued and am happy! Really happy!

I'm not gonna say that eating like a rabbit will make you happy but I am saying that I notice a positive change in myself that is worth more than the weight of gold! I am a super competetive person and I know that's why I initially freaked out a bit when I hadn't lost as much weight as I had "expected".

I'm now throwing my expectations out the door and going with what feels right and good.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome and Happy New Year

I've been dreaming of starting this blog for several months and many of you have shown me so much positive support and encouragement! Thank you!

Welcome to "Curvy Girl in a Skinny Fashion World!"

I fell in love with Fashion as a young girl. I dreamed of being a fashion designer and creating amazing wedding gowns and couture dresses. I have broadened my horizons but haven't lost that dream. In fact, I began pursuing that dream for the first time this year.

Being curvy is a blessing and a curse! I love my shape. I feel feminine and unique. I feel aproachable and attractive. The life of curves was not always a part of me. In fact, I used to be a stick. Then, I became a woman. I hit 25 and weight started to pack on and hang on for dear life.  Now, 28- about 185 lbs and a size 14/16- I am finding it harder and harder to find modern fashions to fit and flatter my curvy figure.

Many of you have shared this common problem as well. I hope to find and introduce companies that make clothing in OUR sizes that is fashionable and comfortable. I also want to share some of my own tricks of the trade for dressing our body shape. 

On the same note, I am a HUGE lover and seller of Vintage Fashions. I want to share why vintage clothing can be just as modern but often times a better fit for a curvy gal especially if you're on a budget like myself.

Since it's the beginning of 2012, I thought it to be a perfect time to explore this blog concept and engage in a community of other Fashion lovers and curvy girls. Many of you have even just made New Year's resolutions to figure out how to get into a certain size, or even embrace your own body as is. We can learn about each other's weight loss/ gain stories and share resources for shopping and more!

Feel free to contact me with your own body conscious questions/ fashion looks/ resources and I'll be sure to share them here!

Email me at 

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coming Soon.....

Hi! I have been thinking of this new blog quite a bit but want to get it perfect before I start posting. I got this title in my head and haven't been able to let go of it. I figured I'd better pursue it since I can't stop thinking about it.

STATS: I'm 5'7", 186 lbs and a size 14/16.

I plan to write about my love of Vintage and how it relates to the modern day curvy girl. I also plan to do some 30 for 30 remix challenges where I'll post my daily looks.

I love Fashion and Beauty and myself! So, I thought I'd share some tips on how to embrace and accentuate your curves by using current trends. Can't wait to share!